Week 11: Characteristics of Innovation and Change Agents


2 thoughts on “Week 11: Characteristics of Innovation and Change Agents

  1. I appreciate your descriptions of the characteristics of change agents, and agree that we can become those change agents. I think that the DNP degree is promoting these characteristics in the advanced practice nurse, especially with our project. The projects we implement have started out by asking tough question and finding a clear vision on how to improve or change practice. The experience gained with this process will be valuable to our future practice, and hopefully promote leadership, innovation, and change that can improve patient outcomes.


    1. Leadership is a core fundamental attribute of a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). My personal philosophy on leadership is as follows: to be able to influence others around you, to want to make other people better through your own guidance, influence, experiences, and education, and ultimately be the best person you can be. I appreciated this quote by Abraham Lincoln “whatever you are be a good one”. Through the leadership role as a DNP the end result will be an improvement in patient outcomes and quality of life.


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